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Zyto Elite Biofeedback

New Concept Healthcare | Functional Medicine Gaffney has implemented a biocommunication program that enables extensive wellness-related information about each client gathered through a personalized biofeedback system. This information is part of a holistic approach to maintaining the patient’s health and wellness.

Using ZYTO technology, New Concept Healthcare | Functional Medicine Gaffney can identify biological coherence for nutritional products, essential oils, and wellness services as part of creating a personalized and unique wellness program for each client.

“One size does not fit all regarding health and wellness. By using ZYTO, we can approach wellness on an individual basis, creating a custom plan for each unique client. The results have been impressive because this approach takes into account the body’s own biological coherence as part of our development of a holistic health plan.” – Virginia Mingione, FNP-C, Founder of New Concept Healthcare | Functional Medicine Gaffney.

New Concept Healthcare offers Functional Medicine to people seeking wellness in the Gaffney area and is now scheduling appointments for clients interested in being scanned with this technology. New Concept Healthcare | Functional Medicine Gaffney

The ZYTO Elite technology uses Galvanic Skin Response or GSR, the same technology used for over a century in equipment such as the polygraph test. Much like the polygraph, the Elite 5.0 sends stimuli to the body and measures the response. Everything on the planet has an electrical current. We are literally electrical beings in search of a recharge.

Every electrical current is unique, like a fingerprint. A scientist measured and identified the electrical current for 30,000 different energies — foods, bacteria, pesticides; you name it. These have been programmed into the Elite 5.0 software. ZYTO Elite 5.0 uses cutting-edge technology from the principles of Information Theory and Quantum Physics to work with your body’s ability to respond to stimuli to gather data and decipher stressors that may be affecting it.

Some decisions in life can be challenging, but your decisions about staying healthy should never be complicated. ZYTO technology bypasses the guesswork and allows you to make effortless decisions about your health. Your body is constantly changing. You need help to keep up with these needs. New Concept Healthcare | Functional Medicine Gaffney uses ZYTO technology to help you maintain the highest levels of wellness possible. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and to schedule your first scan.

Contact us today to see how you can get a ZYTO scan from anywhere with an Internet connection using the ZYTO Remote app – (make the “ZYTO Remote App” a hyperlink to the following link – https://zyto.com/remote-app) !


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Here are 6 reasons why it’s a good idea to get regular ZYTO scans

  1. Get Insight into your wellness. Your ZYTO scan reports provide information that may help you make individual wellness choices. Identifying Virtual Items to which you have an unusual response may give you and your wellness professional insight to keep you functioning optimally.
  2. Identify your biological coherence for nutrition. Does one size fit all when it comes to nutritional support? Of course not! ZYTO scans identify your body’s responses. Knowing your biological coherence helps you and your wellness professional choose the dietary supplements to support your health and wellness needs.
  3. Save money. There are many good nutritional supplements, but you probably don’t need them all. Knowing your biological coherence helps you to choose products that are right for you. Choosing the right supplements means your investment is more likely to pay off, providing you with the benefits you need and saving money on things you don’t need
  4. Target specific areas: From energy to weight management to longevity and more, a ZYTO scan can assist you in whatever area of wellness you want to improve. Virtual Items in the ZYTO software are categorized in different wellness areas, so you can scan for only those categories that are relevant to you and your goals with the guidance of your practitioner.
  5. Track your wellness. ZYTO scans give you information “at the moment.” Tracking your scans over time can be beneficial, allowing you to identify trends or long-term patterns that you want to pay particular attention to. Keeping track of your past can help you predict the future, and reviewing your past ZYTO reports gives you essentially a look back through time.
  6. Get peace of mind. Worrying about your health or the health of a loved one can be incredibly stressful. ZYTO scan reports introduce a new perspective on your unique biological coherence, enabling a complete wellness picture. Knowing more about your individual wellness can make all the difference, giving you an added measure of peace.
  7. Ask us to help you choose which ZYTO biocommunication scan is right for you. Make an appointment today! Let ZYTO help you get more out of life at New Concept Healthcare | Functional Medicine Gaffney.

“I am very impressed with the ZYTO Balance. It allows me a glimpse into how my body feels and what I can do to support it for my best living.” -C.Y.

“If anybody’s really serious about trying to get healthy, I think this is the way to go. I really do.” -J. P.

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The origins of bioenergetic testing

The field of bioenergetics deals with energy flow through living systems. The energy generated in the body passes through the whole body on certain pathways called meridians. Along these meridians are acupuncture points situated near the surface of the skin.

Acupuncture points were first discovered by the Chinese thousands of years ago. The practitioners of this time found that stimulating specific acupuncture points with a needle could release blocked energy, or qi, resulting in relief from various health issues.

Thousands of years later, in the 1950s, Dr. Reinhold Voll discovered that the energy flowing through acupuncture points could be measured by running a gentle electrical current through the body. By measuring the skin’s electrical conductance at acupuncture points, Voll was able to determine the condition of specific organs and structures in the body.

Not only that, but Voll also discovered that he could measure changes in skin conductance as substances such as supplements and homeopathics were placed on the same electrical circuit as the patient. Using this method, he was able to prescribe which substances the patient should take based on the body’s energetic reactions.

Dr. Voll’s innovation became known as electroacupuncture, according to Voll, or EAV. The technology he developed and other innovations which are based on EAV are also commonly referred to as electrodermal screening (EDS), bioenergetic screening, bioenergetic testing, or biocommunication.


Who uses bioenergetic testing?

Due to its connection to traditional Chinese Medicine, many acupuncturists and TCM practitioners use bioenergetic testing in their practices. But many other types of practitioners also use this type of testing, from functional medicine practitioners, chiropractors, and naturopaths to nutritionists, health coaches, therapists, and more.

In addition to being non-invasive and providing accurate, individualized information, many practitioners use this technology because it supports a holistic view of health. An energetic picture of health & wellness helps the practitioner see where the body’s energy is heading before problems manifest physically. It can also help the practitioner discover what may be at the root of a particular issue.

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Is bioenergetic testing right for you?

Bioenergetic testing is an easy, non-invasive way to gather useful information directly from the body. Whether you’re looking to enhance preventative health, having trouble finding the root cause of an issue, or wanting to achieve wellness goals faster and more holistically, bioenergetic testing can be an incredibly valuable tool.

While they can be a valuable tool in the diagnostic process, tests and screenings of this type can’t be used to diagnose or treat any disease or medical condition. Diagnosis and treatment decisions are ultimately made by the practitioner after gathering information from a variety of sources and using their own expertise. However, a bioenergetic screening can give you the information you need to make better wellness decisions.

By getting readings directly from the body, a practitioner can hone in on the wellness options for which the body shows the most biological coherence. So instead of taking a supplement just because it’s supposed to help with a specific issue, you’re now basing your decisions on accurate, personalized data.

Additionally, information from bioenergetic testing is used to complement and compare other data, such as blood test results and health history. This gives the practitioner and the client a more comprehensive range of helpful information to make decisions.

Is ZYTO a bioenergetic test?

While ZYTO biocommunication utilizes the same technology as bioenergetic testing and electrodermal screening, it possesses some unique characteristics that other similar devices don’t.

One key difference is that ZYTO technology uses the ZYTO Hand Cradle. This device is cleared by the FDA to measure galvanic skin response. However, unlike other bioenergetic screening devices, the Hand Cradle has 6 points of contact with the skin. Having more contact points with a larger surface area improves the accuracy of the scan. Schedule your scan to at New Concept Healthcare | Functional Medicine Gaffney.


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