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Let us change the way you view standard healthcare with an affordable, individualized concept to care. Being privately owned and not accepting any forms of insurance allows us to provide affordable flat-rate pricing for all of our services. There are no hidden fees, unexpected bills at the checkout, or surprise bills in the mail.

Our integrative Functional Medicine Gaffney office is located in Gaffney, SC. ​ We provide a variety of services for men, women, and children. New Concept Healthcare is your solution, whether you are looking for primary care, weight loss solutions, hormone replacement, IV nutrition therapy, or more natural wellness. Whether you are looking for primary care, weight loss solutions, personal injury care, and more, our comprehensive services have you covered at our medical clinic.

We here at New Concept Healthcare | Functional Medicine Gaffney bring a distinct new concept of healthcare to Gaffney and build a community of individuals who confidently know that their health is our number one priority. Imagine having no long wait for appointments, getting seen when you are sick not two weeks after the fact, all with no expensive insurance is required. Being privately owned and not accepting any forms of insurance allows us to provide affordable flat-rate pricing for all of our services. There are no hidden fees, unexpected bills at the checkout, or surprise bills in the mail.

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About Our Team

All of our doctors have the highest accreditation rating to serve you and your needs better. Furthermore, our medical staff continuously improves their skills and continues their education. Our mission is to provide those with little or no insurance coverage with quality, low-cost care. We want to ensure that everyone has access to expert medical treatment to live their lives to the fullest.

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Medical Services We Provide Include:

Simple acute concerns include allergy symptoms, cough, congestion, ear infections, ear wax removal, flu-like symptoms, gout, indigestion, and heartburn. In addition to more complex complications such as anxiety and depression, abdominal pain, upper respiratory infection, diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, COPD, asthma, pneumonia, edema, and more.
We perform physical exams for employment, school, sports, and camp.

Management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders. Etc. Diagnostic testing can be performed via blood work, and we also work with an imaging facility that provides affordable imaging.

Weight loss- Join Our Nutritional Prosperity Weight Management

Our goal as functional medicine Gaffney experts here at New Concept Healthcare is to transform you into a lifetime of overall nutritional prosperity. Weight alone can contribute to emotional, physical, social, and economic disabilities. Losing weight dramatically reduces the unnecessary strain that you place on your heart, lungs, blood vessels, joints, and skeletal structure. So overall, weight loss is not only about changing the way you view yourself in the mirror; it is about changing your life.

Men’s Health – Join Our MasTer T Program

New Concept Healthcare provides top notch Functional Medicine Gaffney services to anyone who desires to help renew your sense of vitality and youth. We want to help your body’s natural function by providing you with Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for male sexual characteristics and reproduction. As part of the aging process, the testes start to produce less testosterone. Decreased testosterone commonly causes difficulty gaining or maintaining an erection along with a reduced or absent sex drive. However, there are several symptoms associated with decreased testosterone that is not related to sex, such as; depression, increased irritability, decreased memory, lack of concentration, decreased muscle mass, weight gain, obesity, hair loss, and decreased bone density.

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While we do not take insurance all services are provided at a set affordable rate that is always transparent.

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Meet Your Provider

Virginia Mingione, FNP-C, born, raised, and educated here in the upstate, has practiced family medicine in her hometown for several years. Providing quality care to her community has always been a priority for Virginia. In the most recent healthcare crisis, seeing the growing number of uninsured, along with the aggressive rising cost of insurance premiums for those with coverage, Virginia recognized the rapidly growing need for affordable, quality, personalized healthcare. With a commitment to serve, she is bringing support to the functional medicine Gaffney community and surrounding areas through the opening of New Concept Healthcare.

In Virginia’s free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband Mike and their dogs. Most of their spare time, they can be found planting flowers, tending their garden, and cooking together. As the owner of New Concept Healthcare, Functional Medicine Gaffney is her passion.

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“Like many of you, I have become extremely frustrated with our healthcare system. My frustration stems from my standpoint of practicing medicine and the standpoint of needing healthcare myself. Insurance policies are astronomically expensive. What for? A high deductible policy that will likely never be met unless something catastrophic happens. So, where do we go for care? Are urgent care facilities becoming the “new way” of having a primary care provider?
Meanwhile, in practicing medicine, it became quickly apparent that insurance companies decide how the patient receives care. I do not believe that insurance and/or other third parties belong in your exam room. They should not be allowed to determine how long your provider can spend in a room with you, what medications they will allow you to take, and to what level of care they are willing to pay for. This is what has driven my passion for changing the view of common healthcare. At New Concept Healthcare, our patients are not seen as a number. My team and I take pride in learning our patients so we can provide them with a personable care experience. Removing insurance companies and other third parties out of our exams allows us to completely eliminate nonsense paperwork, endless phone calls for prior authorizations, and the hassle of coding everything “perfectly” so insurance companies will payout. Most importantly, it provides us with only one priority, the time and focus of you and your care. I am devoted to providing healthcare that is financially attainable, personalized, and done with passion—giving our patients the patient/provider relationship that they deserve.”
Virginia Mingione, FNP-C

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