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You will love going to this Urgent Care Gaffney SC Clinic. The reason for that is because they will actually make sure that you feel better by the end. You will be welcomed immediately and they will start addressing your problems. They will make sure that your medical history is completely gotten down and understood so that way they are better able to help you. They will actually go through this medical history as well. If you have noticed, doctors at other facilities don’t actually look at that form you spend all your time trying to fill out. They just glanced over it and then move on. However, when you get New Concept Healthcare, they will actually respect the time you put into filling out this form and ensure that they understand fully what your history is.

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So, if this sounds like something that you would enjoy being a part of, you can check out their website today. On their website, you will be able to read all about their services and more. You can find their website at You can also call them if you would like more information or would like to schedule an appointment. Their phone number is (864) 565-7065. if you are tired of traditional medicine and would like to experience A New Concept of it, then this is the place where you to go.

Urgent Care Gaffney SC | Imaging and Bloodwork

If you have been trying to go to an Urgent Care Gaffney SC clinic for a while but are continually disappointed by your options, then let us introduce New Concept Healthcare to you. New Concept Healthcare is a privately owned practice that offers affordable and accessible Healthcare to everyone. You do not need insurance to come to this clinic. In fact, they do not accept any phones of insurance for Medicare. Therefore, you do not have to worry about going through your insurance company to get the care you are in need. If you would like to learn more information or would like to schedule your first consultation with them, you can do so online today. Additionally, if it’s your first time with him, your first consultation will only cost you $1.

There are many services that you will be able to take advantage of when you go to Urgent Care Gaffney SC. Not only will you be able to take advantage of their Quality Urgent Care Services, but you can also return later for Primary Care or even acute care. You want to make sure that all of the Care that you might need is available to you here at New Concept Healthcare. Additionally, the team has worked with some of the best in order to offer you all of the things you might possibly need. That includes things like blood work and imaging. If you are in need of blood work, then you can go to them and they will be able to get you the results you’re looking for.

The way that this Urgent Care Gaffney SC Clinic is able to do blood work is quite simple. They provide you with wholesale lab work as they work with a local lab in the area. This lab facility will charge New Concept Healthcare and never you or your insurance company. Additionally, you will always know the exact price if any of the labs drawn and you will pay at the time of service. Because they have a partnership with this lab, they are able to get this lab work done at a much more affordable price, meaning it is more affordable for you.

They can also provide you with Imaging in a similar way. They are partnered with an Imaging facility that will provide their patients with affordable Imaging Solutions. All you need to do is go to New Concept Healthcare and they will schedule an Imaging appointment for you at that facility. Then the results are sent directly back to New Concept Healthcare. It will cost you less to not use your insurance for any of these things. That is a guarantee and you can always talk to the doctors or New Concept for more information about that.

So no matter what thing you might be looking for, you can get it when you go to New Concept Healthcare today. If you would like to learn more information about why they don’t accept insurance or you would just like to read about their services, you can do so at however, you can also reach out to them over the phone if you would like to get in touch with one of their representatives. You can do so by calling (864) 565-7065. Don’t hesitate and reach out to them today.