Some find it difficult to find functional medicine South Carolina, But look no further as you have found the right place for your Total Wellness in South Carolina. New Concept Healthcare offers you your first consult walk-in welcome for only $1. the highest and most reviewed functional medicine clinic in South Carolina you know you can find quality and friendly service with us here today. read our reviews people are raving about how we treat our clients, what services we provide and the change to quality of life for their everyday today. offering a variety of memberships for hormone replacement or IV infusions you can find affordable general office visits routine physical annuals labs for various things such as sports physicals or pre-employment physicals. in 2023 covid-19 has begun to slow down but it’s still important to stay on top of your health in the event of an outbreak or exposure. we offer rapid covid-19 testing to make sure that your total health Wellness is taken care of and in good hands.

What are the differences in our Functional Medicine South Carolina and other facilities is that We are a privately owned Integrative Medical Practice. we offer a variety of services, including but not limited to primary care, weight loss, women’s and men’s hormone replacement including IV Nutrition Therapy and PRP joint injections. we do not accept health insurance which removes many barriers of healthcare such as insurance obstacles affordability and things such as accessibility.

Why is this important? it’s important to know this information because we understand the frustrations that comes with the obstacles such as accessibility and if things fall within the budget. insurances can be a headache what this does is it offers more one-on-one time with patience, if you have no insurance we help you save money so that you can get the care that you deserve and need. So in that event no insurance means no problem we can help you get the care that you deserve without the worries or concerns of an extremely high cost. we believe that if you have your total health and wellness in mind we are the right place for you.

Functional Medicine South Carolina, sometimes you are wondering where this could be found. A new district location in Gaffney is opening in South Carolina But what happens if you do have insurance. If you have insurance we can still benefit you but there will be a cost of money upfront. Although we don’t guarantee reimbursement, we do have many patients who are receiving partial to full reimbursement. This is just depending on various insurance companies. Some wonder what if you have medicaid or medicare? Well unfortunately , medicare and medicaid is no acceptable claims from our facility. We can still provide you with any and all services just note that you wont be eligible for any form of reimbursement unfortunately. But dont worry feel free to come in and experience what many have in the highest rate clinic in south carolina. If you are wanting more information or have any questions feel free to reach out to us at or at 864-565-7065.

Functional Medicine South Carolina | Zyto Elite Biofeedback in South Carolina

New Concept healthcare has so much to offer. One of the newest innovations brought to Functional Medicine South Carolina is Zyto Elite Feedback. This is personalized biofeedback system that is a part of a holistic approach to maintaining patient’s Health and Wellness why is this important well we know that not one size fits all specially when it comes to health and wellness it’s important to know that every person is different and has a variety of symptoms or ailments that may affect each person in a different way.with this approach you can create a custom plan for every client creating a unique but functional approach to understanding your biology and development. this technology uses galvanic skin response or GSR which is the same thing used as a polygraph test. much like a polygraph test it’s in stimuli to the body to measure different responses. something to know is that everything is or has an electrical current we are able to test those electrical currents to get the biofeedback required for every patient.

Every electrical current we test is unique, much like thinking of it like a fingerprint. Scientist have measured the electrical current of upwards to 30,000 different energies. These are coming from such things as food, bacteria, you name it it has an electrical current. These stimuli gather new data and identify stressors that may affecting it. This is available with functional Medicine South Carolina, more specifically Gaffney.

Life can be difficult, frustrating and challenging, but our decisions to stay healthy should not be overly complicated or a mess. With this new Zyto Technology stop taking shots in the dark and offer you the right decision to make with your unique feedback. If you believe that this Zyto Bio Feedback is something that interest you come on in and stop by to see if for yourself. This is integral in Functional Medicine South Carolina, if you are wanting to experience innovation and new technology that takes the headache of guesses out of the work.

You might be wondering if ZYTO scans are for you are here are a few reasons why it is not only a good idea but something that we should be doing regularly. The most important is getting the insight into your wellness, The scan provides on individual wellness choices and identify our body responses to your nutrition. This helps identify deficiencies and if supplements are necessary. Third is that it saves you money because we take the guesswork of your vitamins and choose the right ones for you.While identifying these things we track your wellness and make sure you are hitting your goals whether that weight gain management or longevity. We help get that piece of mind getting you something more unique, trusted and top quality information for your health.

Come on by and try Zyto scans. Even if you think that you are at your healthiest we can help identify some problem areas that you may be unaware of. Visit the website or give us a call at 864-565-7065.