There are so many options when it comes to functional medicine South Carolina Services. However, there is none greater than New Concept Healthcare. This is because they truly are the highest and most reviewed functional medicine clinic in the area. On top of that, they’re dedicated to providing their customers with services that will actually benefit them. If you are looking for a doctors who will listen to you, care about you, and actually respect your time and money, then this is the place. Guess what, it is super easy to benefit from their services. All you have to do is schedule your first consultation with them for only $1.

If you are interested in going to a functional medicine South Carolina Clinic that offers options for your health and wellness, then here you go. You can take a look at all Of their amazing packages and services on their website. Did you know they have a package called the Premier? They have many different packages under the premier category. In fact, they have so many amazing packages that you might have timed it difficult to choose which one you want. Assuming that you don’t choose all of them, we would be happy to give you a glimpse at what all of them are. There is the Gypsy package. This package is pretty cool. Not only does it come with one IV infusion of your choice, but it has benefits such as healing acute illness, effect travel, and acting as a quick fix for any ailment.

Another package that this functional medicine South Carolina Clinic offers is the dreamer. The dreamer package comes with 5 IV infusions of choice. So you can choose all the ones that will help provide you with any health effects that you want. Not only will choosing this package save you $250, but it will enhance your Wellness. it can also enhance recovery time from any form of damage your body might be experiencing. This is because putting nutrients and vitamins in your body is a good thing. We also offer only the highest quality vitamins and nutrients so you truly do only receive the benefits.

Next in our repertoire of packages would be the Assassin. This package will make you so powerful and so healthy that you feel like you can become an Olympic champion in being an assassin. If you’d like to kill the competition as well as your illnesses, you can choose this package and select 10 IV infusions of your choice. Not only will this package save you $650, but it also provides you with Optimal Wellness and Optima recovery. The next amazing package we have available is the elite package. Now this one is slightly different as it focuses on injections rather than IV infusions. You get to choose four injections of your choice. It saves you $30, increases metabolic energy, regulates appetite, this is your mood, and can also detox your system.

The next package we have available is our manifest package which is a package that provides you with four 60-minute massages. It is super awesome and comes with many benefits such as calming effects, magnifying self-awareness, and releasing tension and emotional stress. So if any of these packages sounds like something you would like, you can go to or call (864) 565-7065. We can’t wait to hear from you and we hope that we can help you choose the very best package to improve your overall life.

Functional Medicine South Carolina | Choosing a Membership

Finding a functional medicine South Carolina Clinic that has many options open to you might seem difficult. However, it does not have to when you go to New Concept Healthcare today. This is because they are the highest and most reviewed functional medicine clinic the area has to offer. On top of that, you can benefit from their services, packages, memberships, and more when you go to their clinic today. So whether you are looking for Primary Care, Urgent Care, or you are more interested in Total Wellness, they have something for you. We would be happy to help you achieve all of your health goals, so if you would like to speak to professionals who are of the highest quality and care, then you can schedule your first consultation today. Your first consultation with this will only cost you $1!

They’re very amazing memberships that you can benefit from when you go to this functional medicine South Carolina Clinic. That is because they have memberships available to people who want to improve their Total Wellness and would like to enjoy the quality service available at New Concept Healthcare. The first membership you can look at is the diamond membership. This is our highest membership and it made me awesome benefits such as four lipo-mic injections, 2 IV infusions of choice for 60 minutes or massages, 25% off and then digital IV infusion, and an IV infusion high-dose $25 upgrade.

The next membership available at this functional medicine South Carolina Clinic is the platinum membership. This comes with two lipo injections, two IV infusions, two 60 Minute massages, 15% off an additional IV infusion, and an IV infusion high-dose $25 upgrade. Gold is the next step down from the pot in the membership. This comes with two lipo injections, two IV infusions, and an IV infusion $25 upgrade. The next membership below is the silver membership. This comes with 1 lipo injection, one IV infusion, and an IV infusion high-dose $50 upgrade.

Lastly, we have our monthly massage memberships. This massage membership is truly amazing and we guarantee that it is no step below or above any of the others. this membership is amazing because it comes with two lipo injections as well as two 60 Minute massages. When you go to a place where you can get a massage, it is truly a crime to not get a massage. Having a massage is truly a wonderful experience, and you should not hesitate to get on today. Not only will it release tension, but it is so relaxing and soothing, and your muscles truly will thank you for it.

If our services and our membership sound like something you would like to sign up for, you can call us at (864) 565-7065. If you have any questions about how they work or their monthly cost, we would be happy to talk to you about it. You can also go to our website if you would like to read more about everything we have to offer at We guarantee that you will not be disappointed and that our memberships will truly help you achieve Total Wellness and nutritional prosperity.