Are you looking for Functional Medicine South Carolina? Then you come to the right place with New Concept Healthcare in South Carolina. With all the medical services that you need available if you do not have any insurance, we understand how tough it can be living your day to day without any insurance. this is where we came up with a solution, that solution being affordable health care for those that need it whether you’re a man woman or child. Whether you are looking for Primary Care Injury Care long-term Healthcare all those services are available to you. so definitely come check out New Concept Healthcare the next time you have a medical need.

Do you require Functional Medicine South Carolina? Maybe you’re even interested in something like IV therapy there are different names for it some give it micronutrient therapy While others call it a IV vitamin therapy regardless of what you want to call it it’s the best way to get supplemental vitamins into your body. this is to improve your overall well-being through intravenous means which means it gets to the body through the veins faster. This is important if you want to stay healthy especially when the Physicians administer it in a safe effective and restorative way that’s custom fit to your individual unique needs. by doing something like this route administers vitamins and micronutrients to avoid your intestines or your stomach which is usually the way most people take their vitamins is orally.

Why look into Functional Medicine South Carolina? It’s important to do work with professionals that have your best interest in mind. your first consultation is only $1 so make sure you come in today if you’re looking for a brand-new way to take care of yourself without insurance. if you’re looking for other things such as hormone replacement therapy or lipotropic shots that’s also something that’s available for weight management at New Concept Healthcare. some of the benefits range from an increase in sex Drive, a decrease in weight, increase of an enhanced mood, increase to energy, boost of confidence and promoting a healthy metabolism. Which are all essential when it comes to your overall health.

Are you looking to lose weight, improve fitness, improve health, enhance performance, reduce stress, and are tired of wasting time and money that on things that just don’t work. the professionals at New Concept Healthcare take a simple effective and holistic approach to give you better and long-term results such a way is through DNA fit. this is a DNA test on reaching your goals tailored specifically to you through your own DNA. this is absolutely incredible and Innovative in the world of healthcare. before in the past you would have to go through extensive testing through blood work but now with a simple DNA test we can look specifically and uniquely at your results and let you know what the next best steps of action are. so make sure to give us a call at 864 565-7065 or visit us at

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Searching for Functional Medicine South Carolina? then look no further than the best Professionals in the medical field at New Concept healthcare. you are going to look forward to doing business with them because they focus and specialize in no insurance Health Care. what this does for you is that it allows you to receive the services and medical attention that you need at a price that’s affordable with no hidden fees. the reason this is important is because it allows you to get the attention that you require medically and does so without breaking the bank. the professionals at New Concept Healthcare look forward to assisting you and helping you get to the best overall health and wellness.

When you find Functional Medicine South Carolina. You know that you found it at New Concept healthcare because the professionals are looking forward to assisting you in achieving any and all of your goals. whether that’s going on a health Journey like weight loss, hormone replacement, DNA testing to identify specific medical conditions or deficiencies in your diet. the DNA fit testing even provides a personalized cookbook based on your DNA results the book includes 50 or more recipes for your specific DNA.

Maybe you are a man wanting Functional Medicine South Carolina who is in need of male hormone replacement. this is a concern and sometimes frustration for many men over the age of 30 as time progresses we start to lose testosterone which creates increased irritability decreased memory lack of concentration hair loss and even decrease in bone density. these symptoms can all be tied to your testosterone levels. it’s important to get tested after the age of 30 to make sure that your levels are where they need to be.

If you’re concerned when it comes to cost do not worry cuz a professional is a New Concept Healthcare have a $1 consultation and specializes with those that have no insurance so you know you’ll be getting the best price for the best products available. they provide you with your weekly prescribed dose of testosterone and take a look at your medical evaluation and blood work to make sure everything is where it needs to be. over time they check you up with a 3 to 6-month follow-up just to make sure that they don’t need to make any adjustments as those are sometimes needed as you progress through your hormone replacement therapy for you.

Don’t forget your annual Wellness exams all your exams can be done and evaluated with a professionals and guidance at New Concept Healthcare promoting Optimal Health and well-being and being able to do so by screening and preventing diseases through lab work and exam and EKG. remember all of your exams can be taken care of here at New Concept Healthcare so make sure to give us a call at 864-565-7065 or visit us at new take care of yourself now so future you thanks you later.