We are the very Best Functional Medicine Gaffney. We know you will agree when you come to receive healthcare from any of our wonderful doctors. Everything gets easier when you take control of your health and that’s just what you will be able to do with New Concepts Healthcare. We strive to be affordable for everyone. We don’t accept health insurance. We keep a flat rate on everything that we know you will greatly appreciate. Don’t wait to set things up with the best in town. We are top rated in our area with five stars and the most reviews for a company like ours.

At the Best Functional Medicine Gaffney we offer some holistic medical treatments as well. We know you will be happy with all the options we have. We offer all the normal medical services that most doctors offices offer, but on top of that we also offer IV Therapy. If you don’t know anything about IV Therapy it is an amazing option for increasing your health. It will give you more energy and allow you to feel like you again from the B complex injections to the OZONE UBI that sanitizes your blood. We know it sounds complicated, but we will make sure you fully understand what you are getting before we just start a treatment.

Taking back control of your health has never been easier than now. With Best Functional Medicine Gaffney you’ll get the answers you have been looking for. Are you a male that needs hormone replacement? That is something we can do and are happy to help with and set up the right plan moving forward whether it’s nutritional or otherwise we will make sure we get your hormone levels back to where they need to be. We want you to feel better and have the energy you used to when you were a young man.

Make sure to look into everything we offer on our website. We pride ourselves on being a company that supports medical freedom. We are here to answer your questions and give you peace of mind. We know that’s what you expect from any healthcare provider, but you are unlikely to get the kind of connection you would like to have with your doctor if you chose to go somewhere else.

We are patient centered. We also offer alternative therapies. We are happy to say we are preventative care and not reactive care. We will personalize your healthcare, not just give you a cookie cutter option. We are upfront about your pricing; there are never any hidden fees. We are privately owned and that allows us to have no insurance restrictions. Let us be the answer for your health needs you won’t regret it. Find out more information on our website newconcept.healthcare or call 864-565-7065.

Best Functional Medicine Gaffney | Nothing like good health

Everything makes sense when you go with the Best Functional Medicine Gaffney at New Concepts Healthcare. We have tried to make a difference in the medical industry. We hope that more privately owned facilities like our own will open, but for now we know you will want to choose to have our help with your health and wellness. It’s never easy making a change in where you receive your health care from, but we know you will love the service you get from us. We personalize things to you. We know cookie cutter doesn’t exist when it comes to health and wellness.

We will take your health to the next level at Best Functional Medicine Gaffney. Have you been feeling sluggish and just can’t figure out what you need to change? We can help you with that. Through some of our different testing we will be able to find what’s holding you back. You could be low on some of your vitamins which we do IV Therapy for things like that. If you just come in and allow us to run the test and then give you the therapy we determine you need. We want to open the door for you to have access to the information about your health that you deserve.

With the Best Functional Medicine Gaffney you know you will be taken care of. With our conventional and holistic approaches we will be able to get your health to the place you want to be at. We have great solutions to weight loss and want to give you the options you deserve to know about. We will help you track where you are starting out and continue to keep working towards your weight goals. It doesn’t have to be hard to lose weight, sometimes you just need guidance on where to start and where to go. We have the answers to your needs and want to help you make the health changes to improve your life.

We do provide service for people of all ages. We are not just for adults. Since we do offer all types of services from general office visits to sports and pre employment physicals. For minor procedures you will need to call for details and set you the appointment over the phone. The benefit of us not accepting insurance allows us to take a more one-on-one approach to things. WE want to build a community of individuals that believe their health is a number one priority. We want to put the relationship between patient and doctor back as a normalized thing. Come see us today and find out how we do things.

Don’t waste your time going to a normal medical clinic especially if you do not have health insurance. They won’t treat you as well because they won’t expect that you will actually pay them. They hide fee’s you never knew you were going to be charged. Which you will never experience at our facilities. We are completely transparent in what we will provide to you and what it will cost you. We care about your health, not about your money. Find out more information on our website newconcept.healthcare or call 864-565-7065.